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Diego Campos generates dance theatre works that take a humorous, critical, and depictive view about the always changing human behavior. His work resonates with the audience through imagery, gestural work, and personal experiences. He often invites the viewer to dive into a space of reasoning, wonder, and speculation. 

Photographer: Geo Herrera

 Diego Campos is a Mexican performing artist, choreographer, and movement educator currently based in Sacramento, CA. Before moving to the United States, he studied and performed Mexican Folklórico dance for 11 years in Mexico City. He graduated with a B.A. in Dance from California State University Sacramento, and, ever since, he has moved forward to extend and explore his journey in the performing arts. He has enjoyed working with Sacramento State University's Opera Theatre, Arizona-based company Safos Dance Theatre, Red Bucket Dance Theatre, D.I.G. (Dancers Investigation Group), Lorelei Bayne Projects, TwoPoint4 Dance Theater, Trio MôD, the Linda Bair Dance Company, and his most recent interdisciplinary project, Impulse | Anima. His work has been presented throughout Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, and he has taught four consecutive dance and choreography workshops in Mexico City, in which he works with various dancers, poets, and actors. In the Summer of 2010, Diego had the opportunity to travel to London and Perth, Scottland, to train under Katie Morea, Nikki O'Hara, and other renamed faculty members from performing arts colleges in the United Kingdom. Outside of the stage, Diego likes to help people learn Spanish, play chess and Capoeira, and remain thankful for the opportunity to dance his way through life.