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The beginning

Just as any other creative mind, I often find myself wondering about the clearest way of starting a new project, and the next, and the next, and the next. The mug of inspiration, excitement, and aspiration, offers me a thrilling, yet sometimes, overwhelming amount of possibilities to find the beginning of a new creation. 

In this case, the word 'Clarity' plays a key role on the process. Am I going to walk in a straight line, or am I going to circle and spiral my way up? 

Either way, and whichever option I decide to go with, I have to remind myself that clarity is the comprehensibility of clear expression.

The very first step is the one move paving the path for the rest of my sequences to come to life.

Therefore, it must be taken clearly. Thoughtfully. Sincerely.

Russian playwright Anton Chekhov (maybe) said (or wrote, or thought): 'The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them'. 

I would say, avoid asking too many questions, but do question. 

Be curious.

Make a move.

Get going.


I captured this colorful landscape in Real del Monte, in Hidalgo, México. December, 2015