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Impulse | Anima goes Outta The Vox

Fact: The human body is full of wonders.

It has the ability to think, to move, to communicate, to feel, to connect, to wonder, to sing... shine.

As I reflect on such daily blessings, I step inside the studio and start brainstorming words, images, and ideas for my next project. Pictures of flying monkeys, war, feminism, articles on today's politics, and endless iPhone-based suggestions give me PLENTY to choose from, so I put everything aside and start moving.

Fact: As an artist and advocate of the arts, I have the urge and constant need of establishing new collaborations with musicians, actors, poets, and movers of various backgrounds and disciplines. It is an essential component to Impulse | Anima's artistry, and each collaboration has been beyond delicious and satisfying...

...So I ask myself: Where do I want to go next?

I want to go to a place where people are able to immerse themselves in my work through their ears and eyes.

Fun Fact: Sacramento is now the home of "Farm to Fork" cuisine (Whatever that means...I've always called it food). But besides offering new and trendy meals to its residents, Sacramento is the home of many INCREDIBLE and RIDICULOUSLY talented artists, whose dedication, passion, and truthfulness is constantly blooming and inspiring our community. 

That being said, I am pleased to announce Impulse | Anima's latest collaboration with Sacramento-based vocal ensemble, Outta The Vox.

OTV's President and founder, Justin Vaughn, is a Sacramento-based vocal artist, whose artistry is taking flight by leading a 12-member ensemble filled with fresh, powerful, and extraordinary vocals. The moment I heard their sound, I knew a collaboration was due.

I am grateful for this opportunity to join forces with Outta The Vox, and I certainly hope to continue to collaborate with them for many more projects to come.

I encourage you all to check them out on Facebook at @outtathevox, or at

You can witness the fruits of this first-time collaboration at:

HATCH: Dance Works in Progress - Curated by Lorelei Bayne
Sunday, May 6th, 2017 at 3:00PM
Crocker Art Museum

Free For Members
$8 for Students
$10 General Admission

See you then!

Diego Campos.

Outta The Vox. Photography by Ashley King.

Outta The Vox. Photography by Ashley King.