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Sacramento A.I.M. Lab - Contributing to Sacramento's Artistic Community

The first Sacramento A.I.M. Lab took place on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at the beautiful and intimate CLARA Auditorium, which is located at the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts in downtown Sacramento.

This evening of motion was filled with highly dynamic, touching, inviting, and beautiful works by local artists. It was, without a doubt, a night to cherish and remember.

As I reflect on the pilot episode of this artistic platform, I can only say:

I CAN believe how successful the first Sacramento A.I.M. Lab was...
I CAN believe it because we have many talented, passionate, and powerful choreographers, whose artistry needs to be shared with the world. 
I CAN believe it because we have a supportive, receptive, and engaging community.
I CAN believe it because art can make a positive impact in education.
I CAN believe it because art is a necessity.
I CAN believe it because art matters.

Thank you, Sacramento, for supporting our established and emerging choreographers, dancers, educators, and activists.
Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts with the choreographers during this event. Thank you for getting off your seats, forming a conga line, and embracing your awesomeness!

YOU are the reason why we [Artists] continue to create work!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Megan Wygant and Emili Danz: CLARA'S dynamic duo, whose support and trust was fundamental for the success of this platform.

THANK YOU to the first A.I.M. Artists in Residence, Inertia DeWitt and Ayo Walker. Your work was truthfully engaging, powerful, and touching. We are grateful for having two outstanding and strong female artists be part of the first residency, and we thank you for contributing to the arts in education with your artistic voice. #artsmatter

THANK YOU TO Lorelei Bayne, Bernard Brown, Alexandria Griffith, Luis Rubalcaba, Nhan Ho, Windy Kahana, Page Yang, and all the dancers involved for sharing such beautiful, exciting, and extremely wonderful pieces!

I certainly hope you all enjoyed this event as much as I did.

Keep your eyes, your art, and your ears open for the next #sacramentoaimlab!

Much love and gratitude,

Diego Campos.
Founder - Sacramento A.I.M. Lab & A.I.M. Artistic Residency Exchange